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*ALL PURPOSE  Herbal skin and pain salve for pain, hot spots, dry nose, dry paws, dry elbows, dermatits, wounds  or flea related allergies and bites with Calendula and other blended herbs, spices and oils no chemicals.


*HERBAL INFUSED Hotspot, Flea and Odor Spray to care for itching, fleas, odor, bites and wound care with Calendula and other blended herbs, spices and oils no chemicals


* Monster Spray for kids and doggies. Calm and relax your kiddos and fur babies. Use for  bedtime, timeout, crate, car rides or whenever you need your babies to chill out and calm down naturally with Lavender and blended herbs and oils minus the chemicals!



Several weeks ago I purchased herbal hair oils and  products for my cat's chronic skin condition due to a flea allergy. I went to several vets to take care of the situation to no avail. We bought the multiple purpose Pet Pain and skin care for the multiple scabs she had near her neck and tail. After the FIRST application I already noticed a difference. The scabs had gone down already. I continue to put the oinment on the scabs and seriously within 3-4 days they were almost non-detectable. By the week, they were COMPETELY GONE. A month prior we used Cheristin for cats to get rid of the fleas, but it did nothing to the scabs near her tail so I am absolutely convinced that this amazing healing sauve completely eliminated her scabs! I cannot thank you enough and creating such an incredible product! I even told my holistic natual health vet about it. When we went in for our check up, she used it on our cat. She may be recommending it. I hope she does. Pet owners like myself who want to keep as many chemical solutions away from their fur family as possible will be thrilled at this solution. I stand by it!! Thank you again. I deeply grateful fur mommy! Genevieve



Fur Baby Care

  • All of my products are  homegrown with no chemicals or pesticides and are herbally infused containing Calendula and Chamomile and other herbs, spices and oils without any chemicals.

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