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Welcome to my little sanctuary – I’m so glad you're here. I’m Donna Dumas, a wife and a mother to more than just my own children. I reside in Sterling Heights, Michigan with my husband, two sons and a daughter/niece. I am a entrepreneur, Herbalist and Certified Massage Therapist who is still in school studying Herbalism.  A lifelong student, I am always learning and growing and continuing my education in an effort to make the relationship between myself and plants much stronger.  Above all else, I am passionate about natural skincare but particularly, herbal plant-based. I have used my products during pretty difficult times. I can attest that they can help improve your mood and stay calm and strong, while trying to live your best life. It's amazing when my mother tells me that her pain subsides when using my products after 3 hip surgeries and arthritis throughout her body!

I absolutely love blending and creating my very own formulated body products. My inspiration to start this journey was purchasing lotions and over the counter products that never worked and sometimes worsened my son's eczema. It's been many years now and I never looked back! I enjoy handpicking herbs for my very own formulated creations which I grow at home or purchase from local growers. I use the freshest ingredients because my customers matter to me as much as my own family. It's exciting to hear positive results and reviews from friends, family and new and referred customers! I have a small, handmade business doing what I love the most: creating wonderful chemical-free skincare in small batches, and creating beautiful Wellness Baskets for everyone and every occasion!  Hopefully your skin will enjoy my body products as much as I enjoy making them for you!​

With Love,

Donna Dumas





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