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Ayurvedic Hair Oil

Restore your hair to its healthiest state with this potent Herbal Hair Growth Serum for all hair types. I have carefully chosen herbs that stimulates hair growth, increase blood flow to scalp, nourishes and softens your hair, scalp and edges. In addition to those amazing benefits, you will experience decreased dandruff, shedding and breakage. These herbs have been infused in  high quality oils for  to extract the medicinal plant benefitd in which every herb plays a different role in caring for your hair.


All herbs are grown either in my backyard or purchased from local growers using organic methods never any synthetic pestisides, herbicides or fertilizers. 


Highlighted Herbs: Roots, Barks and Leaves, Seed Oils, Herbal and synergy blend.

However you wear your hair, you must take care of what's under there!

Uses: Hair, Scalp, Eyebrows 






  • I'm an herbalist and have been studying herbs and creating my very own body products and herbal apothecary for 14 years. I have always studied  herbs and is currently in school as I  will continue education in an effort to make the relationship between myself and plants much stronger. 



Ayurvedic Hair Oil

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